The Players

Derek Hodd: Vocals
derek-hodd-bare-knuckle-blues-band Born with a gift for singing blues rock, Derek has sung at both amateur and professional levels all of his life. Starting out singing in ‘80s rock bands like Chain Reaction, Cloven Hoof and Panik Attack, putting in the miles on the road touring with some of the top bands of the day, Derek rapidly gained a reputation as a top class singer and frontman. In the Bare Knuckle Blues Band we’ve grown to know Derek as not only a committed, hard-grafting member of the band; to us he is the voice of blues rock – simple as that!
Tim Mills: Guitar 
time-mills-bare-knuckle-blues-band Best known as the founder of guitar pickup specialists Bare Knuckle, Tim started playing guitar professionally soon after leaving school performing with bands in the UK and Germany as well as teaching guitar and martial arts. Tim has recorded and toured with legendary UK blues rock singer Elkie Brooks throughout the ‘90s and has also written and recorded with top US metal band Iced Earth. Having always enjoyed performing live, The Bare Knuckle Blues Band gives Tim the opportunity to continually push Bare Knuckle forward whilst still being able to write and perform the music that got him into playing guitar in the first place.
Adam Hicks: Bass Guitar 
Adam is the bass player of the Bare Knuckle Blues Band, and he’s taken to the task with full force! 5-string player Adam brings the groove and rocks the rhythm section; he has recently become part of the Bare Knuckle artillery, along with drummer Nathan Deacon.
Nathan Deacon: Drums 
Nathan is the beating heart of Bare Knuckle. The rhythm section marches to his sharp beats and awesome fills, and his versatile style suits the ever-changing shape of the Bare Knuckle Blues Band music.